comedy books
  • The Alternative Comedy Guide: This website is a comprehensive resource for all things alt comedy, with information on comedians, clubs, and festivals. 
  • Vulture – This website is a great source for news, interviews, and reviews of alt comedy. 
  • Earwolf: This podcast network is home to many alt comedy shows, including “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “How Did This Get Made?” 
  • Netflix: Netflix has a large selection of alt comedy specials, including shows by Bill Hicks, Louis C.K., and Maria Bamford.
  • Comedy Central: Comedy Central is another great source for alt comedy, with shows like “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” 

Alternative Comedy Now and Then: Critical Perspectives is the first academic collection focusing on the history and legacy of the alternative comedy movement in Britain that began in 1979 and continues to influence contemporary stand-up comedy. The collection examines the contexts, performances and reception of alternative comedy in order to provide a holistic approach to examining the socio-political impact and significance of alternative comedy from its historical roots through to present day performances. As alternative comedy celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, critically reflecting on its impact and significance is a timely endeavour. The book adopts a distinctive interdisciplinary approach, synthesizing theory, concepts and methodologies from comedy studies, theatre and performance, communication and media studies, sociology, political sciences and anthropology. This approach is taken in order to fully understand and examine the dynamics and nuances of the alternative comedy movement which would not be possible with a single-discipline approach. 

The Comedy Cellar: This New York City club is a legendary venue for alt comedy, and has hosted many of the genre’s biggest names. 

The Upright Citizens Brigade: This comedy troupe is known for their innovative and experimental approach to comedy, and has had a major influence on the alt comedy scene.