GOAT Alt Comedians

Julio Torres

Unlike any other comic you’ve ever seen

Tim Heidecker

Bill Hicks:

Known for his original and provocative material, Hicks revolutionized the comedy scene in the 1980s.

Maria Bamford:

Comedians would interrupt their breaks to watch Bamford’s performances, captivated by her unique style.

Kevin Meaney:

Known for deconstructing stand-up comedy, Meaney would break into song when a joke didn’t land.

Jessica Kirson:

Kirson’s interactions with the audience, particularly when a joke missed, captivated fellow comedians.

Mary Mack:

Mack’s offbeat and non-aggressive approach to comedy has earned her a passionate yet small fanbase.

Todd Glass:

Glass, an openly gay comedian, is admired for his comedic prowess and is considered a hero in the Los Angeles indie comedy scene.

Marina Franklin:

Known for her storytelling and humorous anecdotes about life, Franklin is gaining increased attention in the comedy world.

Stewart Lee:

Dubbed “the comedian’s comedian,” Lee’s acerbic style and influential work have earned him immense respect.

Warren Thomas:

Known for his refusal to conform and his charm, Thomas captivated audiences and fellow comedians alike.

Kevin Nealon:

Nealon’s ability to deconstruct comedy while delivering laughs has endeared him to fellow comedians.

Laurie Kilmartin:

Kilmartin’s dark and smart humor, coupled with her ability to engage with audiences, has cemented her status as a comic’s comic.

Dave Attell:

Known for his shockingly funny and unpredictable performances, Attell has garnered the admiration of his peers.

Aparna Nancherla:

Nancherla’s introverted persona and clever one-liners have earned her recognition as a comic’s comic.

Sam Kinison:

Kinison’s fiery and energetic performances challenged the norms of traditional stand-up, leaving a lasting impact on the comedy landscape.

John Mulaney:

Praised for his wit and intricate joke structure, Mulaney is hailed as a comic’s comic and a master of storytelling.

Yamaneika Saunders:

Known for her sharp wit and versatility, Saunders is considered a leading comedian of our time, utilizing social media to connect with audiences.

Andy Kaufman:

Kaufman’s dedication to deconstructing traditional stand-up made him a pioneer in the comedy world.

Sam Morril:

Morril’s meticulous approach to joke crafting and relentless work ethic have garnered him recognition among comedians.

Dana Gould:

Comedians credit Gould for shaping their stage persona and rhythm, with awe-inspiring performances that pushed boundaries.

Keith Robinson:

Despite his ability to roast fellow comedians, Robinson’s comedic banter resonates with his peers.

Norm Macdonald:

Known for his unique style and ability to surprise, Macdonald’s comedy has left a lasting impact on fellow comedians.